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Kat Henry is a performance artist and researcher, working with the medium of time. Her research analyses the perception and manipulation of the perception of time within long durational performance and extreme physical endurance. She is undertaking this research as a PhD candidate at Monash University as well as in her own practice as a performance artist. Below are details of some of her durational performance artworks.


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By Stella



Farmacy is Kat Henry's performance art experimentatio lab. It furthers her research into the possibilities of long durational performance art to investigate time and temporality.


Farmacy creates temporal experiments that put the mind and body into extreme and divergent physical circumstances that interrupt contemporary Western social rhythms.


Farmacy seeks to partner with the fields of philosophy, psychology, chronobiology, and architecture and design to create public, structural spaces that allow for the suspension of everyday life and test alternative temporal possibilities. 

In development

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